" Human and Ghoul "

teach me, teach me, that mechanism is there someone inside of me? it broke, it broke in this world you laugh, when you don’t see anything

the broken me stops breathing won’t come apart, no I won’t come apart uncover the truth -freeze- let it break, won’t let it break let it drive you mad, don’t let it drive you mad

I find you

in this shaken and distorted world, I, (alone), become transparent, invisible

no one can find me, don’t stare at me

in this world that someone has drawn

I don’t want to hurt you

so please remember me


not spoiler free, sometimes nsfw

Naruse Kakeru and Takamiya Naho — Orange.

Naho Takamiya | Orange | My Colorings 
Ten years in the future, Kakeru is no longer with us.”
Sデス様 | 佑貴カイ [pixiv

She’s beautiful.

"You like him, don’t you?”

#izaya and shizuo #in a nutshell

Every day was so, so fun. It was like a dream.
Sasayan-kun, thank you for being my friend for these 3 years.

tamako looking at mochizou (*´∀`*) 

"Mochizou, I love you...!"