Kydo is my faggot

Oh, field flower that has bloomed, Ah, somehow, please tell me: Why is it that people hurt each other And fight?

Oh, flower that blooms with the asphalt, What can you see from there? Why is it that people Cannot forgive each other?

In the summer, the rain passed And the blue reflected, Small, it rippled In front of me, Without saying a thing.

What do you think When your friends wilt? With those leaves that do not carry words, How do you convey your love?

The summer sun is clouded And the wind fluttered. I shall sing The proof that life once existed For those who do not have a name.

not spoiler free, sometimes nsfw c:

i own kydo :3 ♥ i love you

Kirito watching Asuna sleep




The food in Free! Eternal Summer - Episode 04 

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WHOA! Super-cute! Can I assault him from behind and give him a hug?!
You hurry up and get arrested.

I was too late.

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Words of Emotion

Kou as he is now… I don’t know…



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while i’m so useless.

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The most adorable relationship of Naru and Junon Boy Sensei

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Be brave enough to run towards the guns and die

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I’ll draw your story for you!